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GarageBand iconGarageBand

Overview of GarageBand

GarageBand Window

GarageBand Window

Snap To Feature

Volume controls in Timeline area just like iMovie

System Requirements:

GarageBand is a processor hog!

GarageBand Information

Understanding the basics of Music helps!

GarageBand is three musical applications in one:

iLife icon banner

Creating a New Song


Loop Browser - Apple Loops

GarageBand Jam Pack Loops


Working with Tracks

Record Your Own Music, Arrange and Mix Your Song

Exporting to iTunes

Once you have created your musical piece, you can export it to iTunes and from there, your song can be used in iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, or iDVD projects. You could burn CD's of your original music compositions. You will need to set your preferences in GarageBand and set the name of the playlist, composer, and album before you export to iTunes.

Podcast TracksPodcasts

A podcast is an audio file that is broadcast over the internet and can be played on demand by the user. Some podcasts also include pictures or video to enhance the podcast. Podcasts can be downloaded from a variety of podcast directory sites such as the iTunes Store.

Clear gif

Creating a New Podcast Episode


Apple - iLife - GarageBand

Apple - Support - GarageBand

Apple Discussions - GarageBand

GarageBand Books

Gavenda,Victor. GarageBand For Mac OS X, Visual QuickStart Guide, 2004
ISBN: 0-321-27281-1

Plummer, Mary. GarageBand: Create and Record Music on a Mac, Apple Training Series, 2004
ISBN: 0-321-26876-8

Farkas, Bart. Secrets of Podcasting: Audio Blogging for the Massesu>, Peachpit Press, 2006
ISBN: 0-321-36929-7

Williams, Robin and Tollett, John. Podcasting and Blogging with GarageBand and iWebu>, Peachpit Press, 2007
ISBN: 0-321-49217-X

Online Resources

MacJams.com - An Apple GarageBand User Community

Getting the Most from GarageBand

iCompositions - Share Your GarageBand Creations

MacIdol - GarageBand Tips and Tutorials

Apple Discussions - GarageBand

Educational Uses

Students can create their own compositions to be used in iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD projects. Music teachers use GarageBand to teach musical elements. Foreign Language teachers can make voice recordings with multiple tracks, with one track being English, and the other track being the foreign language. Podcasts can be created with GarageBand and then posted on iWeb.

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