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Stack of photosUsing Digital Cameras and OS X

Digital Hub concept

Apple Camera List

iPhoto Window

iPhoto window

iPhoto Library Organization

Importing Pictures

iPhoto is designed to work best with JPEG files, the standard format for data compression of still pictures. If you experience problems working with a non-JPEG image file in iPhoto, use another image-editing application to convert it to JPEG.

Import photosSources of Images:

You can also drag individual photos or an entire folder from the Finder into iPhoto's photo viewing area. If you drag a folder, a film roll is created with the folder's name. If the folder you import contains subfolders, film rolls are created with each subfolder's name.


An album is a collection of photos you select from your photo library and arrange in the order you want. You can use an album to chronicle a special event, such as a summer vacation, or display a particular subject, such as your favorite nature photos.

You can also use albums to organize photos for a slideshow, QuickTime movie, or web page or one of the iPhoto books.

You can make as many albums as you like using any images from your photo library. You can also include the same photo in several albums without making multiple copies of it.


Starting in iPhoto 5, you can create folders to store albums in. For example, you could have a folder or Vacations and then put all of your albums from different vacations in that folder.

Organize Your Photos





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Sharing Photos

Sharing Choices


Check Print window for printing options. It will vary depending on your printer.

Printer Compatibility

Print PhotosKinds of Prints:



Email Photos

Ordering PrintsOrdering Prints

Ordering Books

iPhoto BooksClear gifiPhoto Book

Book Themes Books

Old Book ThemesiPhotos BookClear gifSmall Books


Use iPhoto's book view to design a book layout, add comments to each picture, and create pages that only contain text (a title page, for example).

Saving a Book as a PDF file

You can use the Print dialog box in OS X to save a book layout as a file in Portable Document Format (PDF).
To save a book as a PDF file:


You can create your own calendars in iPhoto using your own photos.

Calendar 1clear gifCalendar 2


Use this to set a picture to your desktop background.


You can make beautiful gift cards with your photos. You can order cards the same way you order books with an Apple ID account or you can print them out.

I use cards to make images with text.



If you have a .Mac account you can publish some of your pictures that others can view.

clear gifPhotocastClear gifPhotocast

Photocast window

Sending Photos to Other iLife Applications

All of the iLife applications are integrated with each other. It is easy to take your photos and send them to iDVD or to iWeb. It is built right into the program.

Burning CD’s

ExportExporting Photos

File Menu....Export - Three Tabs

Exporting Photos

  • Original or jpg format, also TIFF or PNG
  • Choose size and info to export

Export as a Web Page

  • Choose background colors and formatting
  • Export to Sites folder in your Home Directory

Export as Quicktime Movie

Select :

  • Size of images
  • Length of image display
  • Background color
  • Currently selected music (from slideshow)
  • Export

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Editing and Retouching Photos

Edit Tools




Other iPhoto Information

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iPhoto Help

Three Photos

iPhoto Resource Books

Engst, Adam. iPhoto 5 For Mac OS X (Visual Quickstart Guide) , Peachpit Press, Berkeley, CA, 2005 ISBN: 0-321-33538-4

Engst, Adam. iPhoto 4 For Mac OS X (Visual Quickstart Guide), Peachpit Press, Berkeley, CA, 2004
ISBN: 0-321-24662-4

Van Gorp, Lynn. Digital Photography in the Classroom, Teacher Created Materials, Inc., 2001.
ISBN: 0-7439-3601-9

iPhoto iconOnline Resources

Apple Learning Interchange

Apple Learning Interchange - iLife

iLife Lessons

Educational Uses of iPhoto

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