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iWeb windowiWeb is Apple's newest addition to the iLife suite of applications. It was introduced in January 2006 with iLife '06. iWeb allows users to create simple and beautiful websites using a variety of templates without having to know HTML coding.

iWeb Media BrowseriWeb is linked with the other iLife applications which means it is easy to pull in your movies from iMovie, your photos from iPhoto, and podcasts from GarageBand. Use the built in Media Browser to access your content.

iWeb has a number of themes to choose from. Each theme has 6 preset templates as well as a blank page to create your own layout. With the preset templates, you can just add your own content and the layout is already done. Type in your text and add your own pictures, movies, or podcasts to create your site.

iWeb Themes

iWeb templatesThe template choices are:


Publishing Your Site

iWeb publish

iWeb is designed to easily upload your web sites to your .Mac account, though if you don't have one, you can also export your sites to a folder and then upload the folder to other web server space you have.

There are some special functions only available to sites published on .Mac such as hit counters and Email me buttons.




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iWeb Help

Here are some online resources for iWeb:


Apple – iLife – iWeb

Apple – Support – iWeb

Apple – Support – Discussions – iWeb

iWeb Getting Started


Atomic Learning (subscription)

iWeb large iconiWeb Books

Here are some books about iWeb that may be of interest.

The Macintosh iLife'06, by Jim Heid
Avondale Media, Peachpit Press,

The Macintosh iLife'06 in the Classroom, by Jim Heid
Avondale Media, Peachpit Press,
ISBN: 0-321-42685-1

Podcasting and Blogging with GarageBand and iWeb, by Robin Williams and John Tollett
SpiderWorks/Peachpit Press
ISBN: 0-321-49217-X

Take Control of iWeb (electronic ebook)
Attached is a 28 page preview in PDF format.

Online Resources

Here are some resource sites that may be useful for you. Remember to check copyright considerations when you get images. You can also find clip art in some programs on your computer, such as AppleWorks. You can copy and paste into iWeb.


Icon Bazaar

The Library of Congress


Clipart Resources for Teachers

DK Clip Art - Dorling Kindersley

DiscoverySchool.com Clip Art

Classroom Clipart

Free Images - Free Stock Photos

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Educational Uses of iWeb

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